To get viewers hyped for its 2018 “CMT Music Awards,” CMT called on long-time collaborator, 2C Creative (“2C”), for a custom event spot featuring the agency’s signature special-effects touch.
 The goal was to take the network’s concept – that the CMT Music Awards will blow your mind – beyond the figurative and, in a creative/playful way, convey the fun that differentiates this award’s show experience from all the others.
 This spot for CMT Network I graded back in 2018. Since a big portion of it consists of close ups I had a great opportunity to dive deep into skin retouching. Frequency separation was one of the few techniques I used in order to get rid of blemishes, smooth out the skin without losing the details.
 Another challenge was to keep yellows consistent and true to the brand hues provided by the client. 

Client | CMT Network
Production / Postproduction | 2C

VFX / Colorist | Dmitri Zavyazkin
Before & After