The passport animation we all know and love, reskinned and refreshed. This look changes the gritty, undefined environment of Season 6 for a more authentic feel rooted in reality. Wood table-tops, city lights, and depth of field make the passport feel that we are actually there with Tony on his journey. Subtle features on the table help compliment each week’s location beyond the pages of the passport pop-up.
 The end page gets an update, utilizing the passport for the tune-in, but adding photos spread across the table. This effect reinforces being there and feeling real. These pictures can be updated each week to the location, a device that will be easy to swap out and help streamline the overall weekly execution.
 A quick camera shift brings us to CNN go there over a photo, tying the brand to a lasting memory of the destination and Tony’s journey.
Client | CNN
Postproduction | 2C.TV

my role

3D Animation / Texture / Lighting | Dmitri Zavyazkin
VFX / Compositing | Dmitri Zavyazkin
Colorist | Dmitri Zavyazkin
Passport Animation Based on The Country
Passport Compositing Breakdown
Color Correction / Grade