HBO - Eastbound & Down
Kenny Powers is set ablaze in fiery promo for New Season of “EASTBOUND & DOWN”
CG-Infused Spot is the Collaboration of 2C Media and HBO
 Creative Director   |   David Roofthooft
Senior Writer/Producer   |   Kathy Sontag 
Writer/Producer   |   Kurt Soccolich
2C Media
executive Producer   |   Chris Sloan
writer/producer   |   Ben Frank
design director   |   Luis Martinez
CG Artist/Animator   |   Dmitri Zavyazkin
CG Artist/Animator   |   Aaron Magee
sound design   |   Omar Chavez
sound mix   |   Cesar Haliwa
production manager   |   Nikki Coloma
The idea was one of several pitched to HBO by 2C Media, which had also collaborated with the net on the launch promo for Season 3. With plot details yet unavailable at the time of pitching, 2C submitted a wide range of ideas, but the Phoenix scenario stood out in the eyes of HBO execs.
Given the green light, 2C Media worked closely with HBO on an initial script before using CG to create a rough cut that would allow the show’s star Danny McBride (Kenny) and creator Jody Hill to envision what Kenny might look like emerging from the flames. When both loved the idea, 2C flew to the “Eastbound & Down” set in Wilmington to shoot McBride on green screen while HBO’s creatives fine-tuned the script to add more detail. The footage was then keyed into a completely CG environment, with effects added to make it all come alive.
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