Investigation discovery | my dirty little secrets
Director's Cut
   This stylized version is my creative interpretation of 2013’s promo that was originally filmed and produced for Investigation Discovery channel by team. An initial spot was in color. Back then I was responsible for final color correction and graphic inserts. Here is an original cut
   I’ve been always inspired by black and white photography and movies. Since this show was a criminal docudrama it appeared to me as a good candidate for further implementation of film-noir style. After going black & white I still wanted to leave an accent color for the lips and the skirt in order to emphasize the dangerous and mysterious inner self of the character. I knew that it’s not going to be one click process. Not so long ago when I had some spare time, I decided to give it a try.
   The biggest inconvenience was to work with the baked in 4:2:2, 8bit blade since there were no more access to an original Alexa footage. So, I had to find a way around transitions, speedramps, dips to black and superimposed graphics. Even though DaVinci is equipped with great keying and tracking tools I was not able to achieve desirable results. In this case the majority of paint and fine roto were done in Blackmagic Fusion. I can tell that this module is an awesome addition to Resolve. For some of the beauty work such as frequency separation and other skin retouching, I went back to the Resolve’s color module.
Client | Investigation Discovery
Production / Postproduction | 2C.TV

my role
VFX Artist | Dmitri Zavyazkin
Colorist | Dmitri Zavyazkin
Before & After